There are several excellent funding possibilities for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and visitors which prospective applicants are encouraged to apply for. Some possibilities are listed below.

Postdoctoral-level Positions

Postdoctoral-level vacancies are posted on the Department of Engineering Science Vacancies webpage.

The prestegious Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science are available for scientists at
an early stage of their career to follow their research interests at Oxford. Inquiries from potential applicants wishing to conduct their research in the Physical Acoustics Laboratory are welcome.


For DPhil (PhD degree) at Oxford

There are D.Phil projects available for interested candidates within the group research activities. Informal inquiries can be directed to Professor Ron Roy or Associate Professor James Kwan.
However, applications must be submitted through the university website.

Some opportunities for a funded D.Phil are listed below:

Visiting researchers

Students engaged in graduate research may propose to visit (for up to 1 year) to conduct research on a specific topic in the laboratory under the guidance of an academic. Students proposing to visit the laboratory should familiarize themselves with the regulations for obtaining the status of Recognized Student at Oxford.

Recognized students typically obtain funding from a fellowship or exchange scheme (some are listed below) to cover tuition fees. A research proposal should be developed by the student in conjunction with the host supervisor as well as their home-institute supervisior. There are several steps required to secure a place as a Recognised Student. Therefore, due to the requirements and approval process, it is advised that interested students begin planning well in advance and allow several terms lead-time (typically 6-12 months) prior to beginning their studies at Oxford.


Funding Opportunities for Fellowships, Postdocs, and Research exchanges/visits

Some schemes that support funding for research are listed below:

Chances are that your home country provides scholarships for graduate studies overseas well.